A Must Do List For Listing a Property in 2015

For many people, their homes are their largest asset and investment. With that being said, listing a home on the market for sale can be one of the most stressful times in people’s lives. There are many things that can cause a property for not selling at asking price, and by preventing these issues on the front end home owners can save both time and money. There are several specific actions that anyone listing a property can take to make sure they have a successful listing in 2015.

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Closed notebook with a pen on top laying on top of a desk

Responsibilities of a CFO

The Chief Financial Officer reports directly to the company Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer. The CFO follows strict financial standards set forth by Financial Accounting Standards as well as the Securities and Exchange Commission. Strategic responsibilities are focused on managing the financial unit while assisting the Chief Operating Officer with the direction and management of accounting, budgeting and forecasting; serves as principal advisor for all financial matters.

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Effective Communication Tactics for a CFO

A chief financial officer, generally shortened to CFO, is responsible for assessing financial risks of a business and other associated activities. Individuals who do not enjoy reading and writing might think that this position is the best one for them, and they assume that strong communication skills are not part of the job. However, the truth is that CFOs have to be well-versed in communication skills to properly convey information to the other individuals at the business.

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