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How Chief Financial Officers Handle Investor-Relations?

Businesses need a chief financial officer (CFO) to handle cash, treasury, economic strategic planning etc. Gennady Barsky is the Chief Financial Officer and Vice Chairman of JetSmarter. He also was the CFO and Executive Vice President of Corporate Affairs for Authernative. He has more than 15 years of experience in various fields including; software, real estate, investment banking, monetary services and more.

He was honored with the Bank of America Achievement Award in 1996. Now, with his experience and knowledge, he is managing the multi-currency corporate finance of JetSmarter.

Managing Investor-Relations is another important responsibility of the CFOs. Take a look at the approach that goes into handling investor-relations–

  • Complying all the investment regulations and policies to clear investors’ doubts
  • Managing the company’s finances and performance, in order to maintain the shareholder’s trust
  • Strategic planning about the company’s investments to maintain stockholders
  • Managing annual financial reports and histories for shareholder’s information
  • Meetings with investors, shareholders and investment advisors
  • Completing financial analysis to secure the company’s stocks and shares

CFOs handle investor-relations, in order to keep the shareholder’s faith in the company.

They manage investment related regulatory compliance matter too. It improves a company’s image in the market. They also organize regular meetings with the investors. They release regular and accurate economic information about the company, to keep shareholders updated. Follow us on Twitter


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