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Effective Communication Tactics for a CFO

A chief financial officer, generally shortened to CFO, is responsible for assessing financial risks of a business and other associated activities. Individuals who do not enjoy reading and writing might think that this position is the best one for them, and they assume that strong communication skills are not part of the job. However, the truth is that CFOs have to be well-versed in communication skills to properly convey information to the other individuals at the business.

CFOs are often responsible for putting together presentations to deliver necessary and key information to the managers or other executives of the business. Therefore, they need to know how to present information both visually and verbally so that the team is able to understand and actually see what the current state of the finances is. Also, CFOs may have to work with individuals who do not fully understand the field of finance or who actually have quite limited knowledge of it. As a result, not only do CFOs have to be proficient in the language of their field, but they also need to know how to break those terms down. They must be able to explain the financial processes to people who do not understand them.

Depending upon the company, CFOs may also need to possess bilingual or multi-lingual language skills. They must have the ability to properly communicate with those who work in the same building as they do, but they also may need to maintain communications with other properties. These properties could be located in different parts of the country where different jargon is used, or they could be located anywhere else in the world. The CFOs will need to have strong enough language skills that they are able to properly interact with these other entities. These interactions may take place on the phone, or the CFOs may need to employ different methods of technology to speak with the other portions of the company.

Since different forms of technology are so commonly used in the communications interactions of businesses, CFOs also must be proficient in this area. They need to know how to properly use technology to compute data and to make financial projections, but they also must understand how these forms are used to convey information to other people. In 2015, knowing how to properly communicate as a CFO is so much more than just churning out figures on a daily basis.

Gennady Barsky is the CFO of JetSmarter and Real Estate Mogul. Barsky is a lover of all things automobile and has a passion for Social Media.

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