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Building Better Client Relationships Means Better Leads

Real estate relationships burgeon swiftly, in accordance to need on each side. Clients gravitate to agents whom their friends recommend. Communication is key, not only between a potential client who has asked their friends to name a good agent or service provider, but between the provider and new client, because first impressions are vital.

On the client’s side, they depend on the agent whose advertising promotes a strong ROI for their benefit, and on the agent’s side, they depend on the chance that this client is a better lead going forward. No one wants to waste time on unproductive relationships, and this is where an agent may use their understanding of this kind of relationship to promote the welfare of both sides. After all, the agent is a professional in real estate, and the client isn’t.

Moving on to that first interview, the agent delves diligently but respectfully into the personal situation of the client. Tactful questions resolve any questions that the agent has. For instance, if the client works two jobs to make ends meet, the curb appeal of the home may not sparkle if the situation were otherwise. A good agent realizes that extra work may be involved to ready the home for sale. If vehicles sit in the driveway rather than in the garage, the garage may be filled with possessions which require sorting through before discarding enough to utilize the garage space properly. Understanding the needs of the client and why they are moving is paramount. The client may be reticent to share too much personal information, but the experienced agent knows that a thorough basis for the beginning steps of advertising begins with the primary interview.

Farther down the line, clients and agents know each other better. The client now understands that it is to their benefit to disclose as much as possible to the agent, so that the agent feels confident that there will be mutual benefits to the relationship. Now that the ice is broken, the agent uses all their resources to promote the sale of the property, going the extra mile for the client. When the property closes, the relationship has reached its ideal pinnacle, and the agent rests assured that word of mouth will be approving, just as it was in the first place. The chain of relationships is strengthened each and every time through the understanding of a competent agent.

Gennady Barsky is the CFO of JetSmarter and Real Estate Mogul. Barsky is a lover of all things automobile and has a passion for Social Media.

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